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DT Kings Transport Ltd

Log Transport operations

Gordon Harding: 027 434 7720
Grant Loader: 027 703 4682

Riverton Rural Transport Ltd

Andy Wills: 027 417 8316
Shelley Wills: 027 464 1141

Kings Rural Transport Ltd

Mike Swan: 027 437 9600
Taylor Swan: 027 215 3089

Kings Mechanical Ltd

Craig Ward: 027 265 1905

Dunedin Depot

McLeod's Road, Kaikorai

027 201 9907

Log Cartage

Southlands most experienced Logging logistics company
As Southland’s most experienced company in logging logistics, Kings Log Transport (formerly DT Kings Transport) can transport it all. Our logging fleet are all highly specialised, fitted with technology to ensure the efficient and safe delivery of logs.

Kings Log Transport also has billet wood truck and trailer units, Hiab units, B Trains, and flat deck logging units to service all lengths, finished timber and self-loading.
Wayne Laurie, Truckie  (HI-ABs)
027 436 4533
Gordon Harding
027 434 7720
David Cameron
027 201 9907

Our divisions

As one of Southland’s most established haulage companies, our years on the road mean we give our clients unparalleled service and experience with any of our services.
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