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DT Kings Transport Ltd

Log Transport operations

Gordon Harding: 027 434 7720
Grant Loader: 027 703 4682

Riverton Rural Transport Ltd

Andy Wills: 027 417 8316
Shelley Wills: 027 464 1141

Kings Rural Transport Ltd

Mike Swan: 027 437 9600
Taylor Swan: 027 215 3089

Kings Mechanical Ltd

Craig Ward: 027 265 1905

Dunedin Depot

McLeod's Road, Kaikorai

027 201 9907

About / History

For more than 80 years
DT King Transport has been a mainstay of Southland’s transport and haulage industry.
From its humble beginnings originating in Pukemaori in Western Southland in 1938, to its expansion across Southland Otago, DT King Transport has spent the past eight decades providing diverse transport and contracting solutions for a wide variety of industry needs.

DT King Transport specialises in stock cartage, gravel, bulk fertiliser sowing and logging, and has vast capability for all other rural-based haulage and servicing needs.

Services include

Log loading and cartage
Gravel transport and spreading
Stock transport
Bulk cartage
Mechanical and engineering
Rock and gravel pits
With several depots across Southland, DT King Transport has extensive expertise and resource to meet any transport need.
From carting logs and mixing and spreading fertiliser on paddocks, to carting heavy machinery or taking stock to sale, DT King has the capability. The company also includes engineering and mechanical services to ensure your operations can continue year-round.

DT King Transport has a proud, family-owned history. 

Since being established by Dave King, the business has been passed through generations and continues to be serviced by the King family, ensuring this robust legacy endures.

Coal, flax and general goods formed the company’s main business in its infancy. But Dave King had bigger vision and having already established a general store, he installed petrol pumps and soon began carting livestock.
DT King’s first loads were delivered by horse and cart, and sometimes bullock and cart. Now, Nissan Diesel, Volvos and Mercedes make up the fleet.
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