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DT Kings Transport Ltd

Log Transport operations

Gordon Harding: 027 434 7720
Grant Loader: 027 703 4682

Riverton Rural Transport Ltd

Andy Wills: 027 417 8316
Shelley Wills: 027 464 1141

Kings Rural Transport Ltd

Mike Swan: 027 437 9600
Taylor Swan: 027 215 3089

Kings Mechanical Ltd

Craig Ward: 027 265 1905

Dunedin Depot

McLeod's Road, Kaikorai

027 201 9907


Over 100 years of experience
Our Limeworks situated in Clifden have been operating for over 105 years. From this site we supply a range of different materials for a variety of jobs across Southland, such as:
Lime - Used for agricultural purposes
Naprock – Used on dairy lanes, forestry roads, tracks etc
Big rocks – Great for flood protection
Grey Rock - Roading
Clifden Limeworks Logo
Rob Hall, Quarry Manager
03 2255899

Our divisions

As one of Southland’s most established haulage companies, our years on the road mean we give our clients unparalleled service and experience with any of our services.
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